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Do not pay for whole truck!! PAY ONLY for the space and weight you USE!!!

Use our Lorry Vans in Europe every day: Germany, Belgium, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark,Norway...



Emergency: WhatsUpp/ Call/ SMS +31616628774


Same Day and Next Day Short Notice Man and Van services within Netherlands and all EUROPE!!

We are proud to offer our clients an emergency, same day or short notice man and van or removals service. If your booked Remover has "broken down" or does not turn up for any reason on the day of your move, we should be your first port of call. We regularly provide same day services to our customers, often for a lower price than the companies that have let them down!


Moving to a new house in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Eindhoven or other Dutch cities? Looking for high quality and friendly company to do this?


Fixed and transparent prices from 45 eur exl BTW per hour. included 2 men + moving truck !

WhatsUpp/Call/SMS  +31616628774


If you have a full, or nearly full load, and you book 2 weeks in advance we can often offer a minimum discount of 10% / €150 + VAT on our quoted rate !!!!

Available at all times:
Part-loads to: Germany, Belgium, UK,  Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Baltic Lands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the Bulgaria. 

Available monthly: 

From the Netherlands to Turkey, Ireland, Norway,Sweden,Finland,Russia,Greece (Covering the Spain - Palma/Malta area).

Available daily:


Part-loads From: London-Paris-Amsterdam; Great Britain-Any EU Country. 


Lisabon-Madrid-Paris-Amsterdam; Rotterdam-Any EU Country.


Rome-Brusel-Amsterdam; Netherlands-France-Italy 



Next full and part loads available - see below.  DO NOT WAIT !!  ASK  for a free quote on WhatsApp +31616628774


Do not pay for whole truck!! PAY ONLY for the space and weight you USE!!!


2nd April  Rotterdam - Amsterdam in Netherlands.  Space both ways


4th April   Rotterdam, Netherlands to Sweden. Space both ways



5th April    Kopenhagen, Denmark to Luxembourg. Space both ways


6th April   Kopenhagen, Denmark to Luxembourg/Netherlands. Space both ways

7th April  UK to Finland, via n Germany/Denmark/Sweden. Space both ways

8th April   Rotterdam to Milano Italy. Space both ways

10th April  Cambridge to Berlin via France/Belgium. Space both ways


11th April   Lisabon Portugal to Paris/London . Space both ways


12th April  Roma Italy to Briusel/Amsterdam . Space both ways



14th April  Amsterdam, Netherlands to Paris . Space both ways



17th April  Switzerland to Surrey UK , via Italy/France. Space both ways



18th April   Lisabon Portugal to London . Space both ways


20th April  Roma Italy to Amsterdam . Space both ways



22nd April   Amsterdam, Netherlands to Paris . Space both ways

24th April   Amsele, Sweden to Portugal via Denmark/Germany/France/Spain. Space both ways



26th April  Hungury to  Sweden. Space both ways

28th April    Alicante, Spain to UK Space both ways



30th April    Amsterdam, Netherlands to Paris . Space both ways

NO VAT on trips from the UK to France and Holland, Belgium and Germany



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